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According to the founding charter of UNESCO, “War begins in the minds of men”. If this is true, then the defences for peace must be constructed in the minds of men. This project is based on the premise that Peace can be established through education. Peace and education are inseparable aspects of civilization as no civilization is truly progressive without education and no educational system is truly civilizing unless it is based on the universal principles of peace. It is through changing our minds – Our consciousness and our view of the world, which are rooted in our culture – that transformation needs to occur in order to move from a culture of war to a culture of peace.



According to Albert Einstein “The problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them”. The goal of peace education project is to raise our level of thinking to be able to solve problems. In other words, to enhance our capacity for positive conflict transformation. The educational action for promoting the concept of peace concerns the content of education and training, educational resources and materials, schools and university life, initial and on-going training for teachers, research and on-going training for young people and adults. A culture of peace must take root in the classroom from an early age, it has to be reflected in the curricula in secondary and tertiary institutions. It is important to recognize the crucial role of education in contributing to build a culture of peace. Peace education is dynamic long term process, a life-time experience that requires participation at all levels – family, schools, places of work, classroom, playgrounds, the community as well as the nation. The peace education project is targeted at the following areas:


     Vulnerable societies and communities where peace is threatened

     Zones of active violence and communities emerging from violent conflicts

     Peaceful societies (to avoid spillover effects)


CCPPA’s peace education project has multiple facets which includes the practice of peaceful relations at all levels. Personal, familial, communal, intercultural and global. It entails a process of knowledge acquisition and skill-building which affects the behavior of individuals and groups and provides a model for the formal and informal curriculum of the school. This programme is initially implemented in primary and secondary schools including tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Key principles of CCPPA’s peace education project are:

     Training and support of teachers and staff
     Integration of peace principles into every subject, every day.
     Cultivation of student creativity by encouraging students to express themselves in varied ways.
     Involvement of the community at large through regional peace events.

The project is designed to create a personal and collective worldview transformation for students and the greater community and to promote a culture of peace in Nigeria.


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